Aviso legal y privacidad

At Servicio de Limusina Suizo Maria Castillo, discretion is as much a part of our business as getting our customers from point A to point B on-time, safely, and comfortably. We value our customer’s privacy. Servicio de Limusina Suizo Maria Castillo is committed to protecting your personal data and adheres to the highest ethical standards in processing that data. This policy is intended to inform you of what information Servicio de Limusina Suizo Maria Castillo – abbreviated with SdLSMC – collects from its customers, what it does with that data, and what SdLSMC does to ensure that your personal data is kept confidential and safe. SdLSMC may change this policy from time to time without prior notice. Any changes will appear on this page. Please check the policy periodically for any changes.

What personal data does SdLSMC collect about me and why?

SdLSMC collects only the personal data it needs to ensure that we can accurately provide the rides our customers ask for. SdLSMC also collects personal data that will make the reservation process more efficient. SdLSMC saves personal data, such as your name, addresses, phone numbers, email address, and credit card information. Credit card information is also used as long as we need it to provide you with Online Receipts.

How does SdLSMC use my personal data?

After your journey with us, SdLSMC does not use the personal data of your customer profile. The most important, and sometimes most sensitive, personal data that is stored in our systems are your addresses, ride dates and times, and sometimes credit card information. This data is required by SdLSMC to perform the rides and charge our customers.

Does SdLSMC share my personal data with anyone?

No, SdLSMC does not share our customers personal information with any vendors or service providers. Credit card information is never shared.

How do I change or ask for my personal data?

Our customers may change their internet profile information at any time via mail or telephone.